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Keith Whitley was always an inspirational and talented country singer. He can always make people fall in love with his songs, there is no doubt in that. His voice always fits perfectly with the sound of traditional country music we always love. Moreover, Whitley also pulled off recording neo-traditional country songs. Today, we take a look on his very successful first album and the song “Miami, My Amy,” a hit song that was mentioned by Rolling Stone as one of Keith Whitley’s Greatest Love Songs.

L.A. to Miami was Keith’s first successful studio album released in 1985. It contained ten tracks and produced five songs that entered the Billboard chart. The album itself secured a position on the chart. L.A. to Miami went to No. 26 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart. However, before his album L.A. to Miami, Keith released one album called A Hard Act to Follow. The album was a huge failure in his career. However, in this second album, he marked the beginning of his successful career.

Hank Cochran, Dean Dillon, and Royce Porter wrote the song “Miami, My Amy”. It tells a story of a man who met a girl in Miami. The narrator fell in love with a lovely lady named Amy. After being with her for a while, he had to go back to L.A. However, Amy called the man and told him that she loves him. Thus, the narrator did not think twice and flew back to Miami to be with Amy, the woman he truly loves. This song is definitely one of Keith’s greatest love songs.



Well, everybody talks about the California quakes
But the first time I ever felt the earth shake
Was in Miami
When Amy touched me
Aw, it shook me
I told her I loved her and I wanted to stay
But she said, “Be sure, and I’ll call you in L.A.”
Even in the taxi
I could hear my telephone ring
Calling me from Miami
My Amy
What took you so long
I thought you’d never call
Miami, my Amy
Miami, my Amy loved me after all
Now Amy just called and said, “Please come back”
I said, “I’m on my way babe, I ain’t even unpacked”
“I want you, I love you”, that’s all she had to say
Good-bye L.A.
Now once again I’m Miami bound
Can’t wait ’til this plane touches down
Because I know my Amy will be waiting
At that Miami gate
I can’t wait
Miami, my Amy
What took you so long I thought you’d never call
Miami, oh, my Amy
Miami, my Amy loves me after all
Miami, my Amy loves me after all

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