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Reminiscing the wisdom gained in the past, Alan Jackson’s “The Older I Get” song is a bittersweet ballad with a lyrical masterpiece to boot. It’s a tune that a young artist dreams of and is said to gain attention because it involves the singer’s perspective for old age.
The Country Hall of Famer is known to be a kind man. He sang “The Older I Get” without taking credit despite participating in songwriting and turning Nashville’s best into a customized piece. Sarah Allison Turner, Hailey Whitters, and Adam Wright are known to be the official songwriters for the said tune. The single was released three days after Alan Jackson‘s 59th birthday, which was on October 20, 2017, interestingly he’s one year away from his senior year.
Alan Jackson’s songs are known to represent the emotions of the country music legend. But although they speak on behalf of him, fans can still relate to every lyric. This particular song sits right at his heart with it marking his induction to the Country Music Hall of Fame too. Reflective and sentimental are the two words you can feel tugging on your emotions as you listen to the tune of “The Older I Get.”
Many found it odd when in 2006 Alan Jackson’s gospel songs were released. They thought something peculiar happened to the country star that made him release songs that are not his usual style. Well, that turned out to be a rumor as the real reason he did a whole gospel album was because of his mother’s request.

Moreover, his fans expected this kind of song from him, having accomplished so much throughout the decades. It’s like icing on top of his countless awards and recognitions.
According to some reviews, the production looks like the most neotraditional mix you’ll hear. It has a quiet acoustic guitar, a solid intro and outro, a steel piano, and a piano that provides appropriate accents. Although the country crooner’s vocal for this tune wasn’t at par during his younger years, his rough delivery still adds the extra oomph it needs. Impressively, Jackson can always blend it perfectly with the instrumentals. This is one of the reasons why he deserves to be a Hall of Famer.
Alan Jackson’s “The Older I Get” is a song of the country star’s life learnings. If you want to hear more about the lessons he learned throughout the years, click on the link below.



The older I get
The more I think
You only get a minute, better live while you’re in it
‘Cause it’s gone in a blink
And the older I get
The truer it is
It’s the people you love, not the money and stuff
That makes you rich
And if they found a fountain of youth
I wouldn’t drink a drop and that’s the truth
Funny how it feels I’m just getting to my best years yet
The older I get
The fewer friends I have
But you don’t need a lot when the ones that you got
Have always got your back
And the older I get
The better I am
At knowing when to give
And when to just not give a damn
And if they found a fountain of youth
I wouldn’t drink a drop and that’s the truth
Funny how it feels I’m just getting to my best years yet
The older I get
And I don’t mind all the lines
From all the times I’ve laughed and cried
Souvenirs and little signs of the life I’ve lived
The older I get
The longer I pray
I don’t know why, I guess that I’ve
Got more to say
And the older I get
The more thankful I feel
For the life I’ve had and all the life I’m living still

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